Our company was established and operated since 1986 by Ir.Lunardi Rusli, M.E, with an area of 5.700 m2. We specialize in genset soundproofing, open type and silent. We are experienced in genset installation and handle client's desire in a professional manner with our experienced team in their field. For us client satisfaction is a priority for us

Cloud Services


At this stage we perform checks or checks on the overall performance of the engine generator along with its supporting elements before we take further follow up actions (preventive and curative).

Business Analytics and Big Data


Genset repair stage is done when it has been found less normal parts functions of the components of the generating unit at the above monitoring stage. We will take immediate curative action to restore condition of the generator unit to the initial function.


Replacement Part

The replacement stage is part of curative action in which the damaged, worn and non-functional components need to be replaced immediately. We keep the client informed about it procurement of replacement spare parts.

Other Scope of Work

Removal of waste from solar tank and filter, clean air filter, DCA concentration measurement, heating generator set for 15 minutes / day, test with load every 6 months, nuts, bolts and couplers.